Bulk buys birthday candle number six case of 1

If you just need a cheap candle to use for a short period of time and appearances don't matter, then they would be okay. These candles burned quite quickly compared to traditional wax pillars. They are much lighter than the kind of candles that I have bought in stores before. It almost feels like they have a kind of Styrofoam in them. They're a little odd. But having said that, they are fine to burn. I have a wax pillar of the same size that I bought from the store and I started burning that one and one of these at the same time.

I think they would be great for an event where you need a bunch of candles, but they burn too quickly for regular home use for me. One person found this helpful. These candles are terrible and completely different than the other two orders I placed for these in the past.

Birthday Candle FIRE!! \ episode six

Previous orders were solid, heavy candles that burned for the full time. I cut them open and found inside the hard outer layer they are mostly just a foam like wax substance. They burn fast, they are messy and smoke.

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What happened to the quality that I have been sent in the past? The quality of the candles is very low. The wicks tend to slip out and the candles are light and feel like cheap crayons.

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It's as though they are hollow on the inside. I make custom candles and was trying to cut costs by buying these, but I'm afraid I can't sell this to my customers. I was expecting a more solid pillar candle. If you are looking for nice candles for around the home, you may want to get better quality candles. These are very light and seem to be hollow towards the bottom. These are for my wedding, and they were very affordable. Candles are flat not rounded like this picture.

I hope they work great in the lanterns at the wedding. Sponsored product. Average rating: 4. Choose Options. Reduced Price. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews.

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    The Most Amazing Happy Birthday Candle to Use at your next Birthday Celebration

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    Bulk Buys Birthday Candle Number One - Case of 12

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    Bulk buys birthday candle number six case of 6

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